Why are Pens always a To-Go Gift?

06 Dec 2017

Pens are one of the most common gifting options for almost anyone regardless of age and gender. A good Selection of Pens also indicates class and sophistication. Everybody loves pens right? From a school going kid to a grandfather, everybody loves a good collection of pens.

A pen is always with you. It can speak your style and language. Pens create long lasting memories if taken care of properly. A pen is a symbol of power.

Are there any reasons for Pens to be such a popular gifting option? Of Course, there are. There are multiple reasons for pens being such a popular gift. They are:

Lightweight and Compact - Pens are one of the most convenient gifts to give someone. Since they weigh almost nothing, it avoids the hassle of exceeding your weight limit during a flight.

Encourages Writing - When someone gifts you a good pen, the first thing you want to do with it is write something. Writing can make a lot of things easier in life. Writing a personal diary or writing novels encourages the writing talent in you and boosts your confidence. Writing anything just makes life easier by having a written piece of a reminder by your sight

Everyone needs a pen - Who doesn't need a Pen? Everyone uses a Pen almost every day in their day to day lives. We start using pens from such a young age at school and use it until the end. We use pens to write everything, and it’s an absolute pleasure when we see our handwriting in a book and show it to others.

Improves Handwriting - A fountain pen makes you write slowly and more clearly which helps improve your handwriting in the long run. A good handwriting is beneficial in many ways for an individual. Gifting a good fountain pen to a young individual will not only make him write more but also teach him traditional styles of writing.

Classy - Fountain Pens represent class and sophistication.Taking out a good pen and using it makes people look up to you in a good way. Ink from a fountain pen glides effortlessly over the surface of the page, which makes the feel of the handwriting so classy

Emotional Connect - A lot of people have emotional connections with pens. Who doesn't love their grandfather’s pen and father’s pen? Everyone has emotional connections with some object or the other, and usually, pens are very common in every household. It’s a proud feeling to use a good antique pen. Since a pen is always with you, it adds to your personal style and creates a symbol of power.

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