Things that are usually forgotten on a vacation

27 Oct 2017

Winter is here and most of us have already planned our vacation and booked our tickets. There is always a little slip in the second stage of our Plan of Action, packing!

Despite our best intentions and efforts, we tend to walk out of our door leaving behind some small items. There are a number of important things that we forget in general as they mostly come under our “Pack them last” list. Here are the top ten things that we usually forget to pack.

Chargers & Power banks: With laptops and handheld devices outnumbering your family members, forgetting your chargers is an irony.

Quick bites: When the hunger pang strikes, you will regret not packing your bars of chocolate.

Books & Magazines: If you are not planning on a full-fledged eavesdropping session of your co-passengers, then a book is a must-have for your long flights.

Extra Memory card: No One likes to limit their photoshoots because of a tiny card that they missed to pack. Hence stop at the Croma Zip showroom in Terminal 3 of Delhi airport before you fly.

Host gifts: Remember the face you made last time when a guest came gift less? Don’t be that guest!

Flip Flops: From common washrooms to dirty spa floors, you do not want to be barefoot or wear your costly shoes, so don’t miss packing your flip-flops. Dash to the Metro shoes in T3 Domestic- Departure at the Delhi Airport before your trip begins.

Sleep Mask & Ear Plugs: Noisy kids and cranky families are inevitable while you travel. Sleep mask & ear plugs are the only way to push them out of your happy space.

You might be a routine forgetter or a perfectionist with an occasional misstep, the easiest way to redeem yourself is order online and pick up at the airport!

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