Shopflydel Shop @ Delhi Airport - Independence day
Shopflydel Shop @ Delhi Airport - Independence day offer
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1.The promotional event/campaign/shopping fiesta shall be valid for a period of 45 (Fourty Five) days i.e. from 31st August 2017 till 23:59 HRS - 15th September 2017.

2.The Shopping fiesta includes a scheme where in the passengers or airport users who shop for an amount identified below shall be provided with the gift vouchers. The gift vouchers generated from any of the identified outlets are allowed to be redeemed at any other participating outlet at the airport. The promotional event has the participation of all the participating retail outlets (Duty Paid+ Duty Free) and services (SPA, AVA, Car Rental, and Aviator) located at various locations of Terminal 1, Terminal 3 of the Indira Gandhi International Airport (“Airport”) The list of participating outlets are given below.

Under the Scheme, any passenger/ airport user making a valid purchase basis the slabs mentioned below at any of the participating outlets, shall be entitled to receive a gift voucher, the worth of which shall be determined as per the table below:

RETAIL & SERVICE (Rs.) INR Voucher Value*
>=800-1500 100
1501-5000 200
5001- 10000 600
10001 1500
Duty Free ($) $ Voucher Value**
>=80-200 5
201-500 10
501 30

The gift voucher shall form part of the invoice issued to the customer of the participating outlet against the purchase made therein. The gift voucher shall be valid for a period of 24 hours from the time of its issue and within this validity period the passenger shall be entitled to redeem to the extent of the actual value of the gift voucher by way of purchase of any item from any of other participating outlets at the Terminal 1, Terminal 3 at the Airport. The users can also prefer partial redemption of the gift voucher to the extent of actual amount subsequent to which the gift voucher become invalid and cannot be redeemed again.

5. The gift voucher may be redeemed by the passenger to whom it was issued, as payment for any items and as part payment for purchases by cash at any of the participating outlets in the next purchase. The redemption of the gift voucher to the user shall be made and allowed irrespective of the currency of the billing. This means if an participating outlet has issued the bill in Rupees (INR), the gift voucher code will be allowed to be redeemed at the other participating outlets except the non-participating outlets even if the product billed in dollars ($).

6. For the redemption purpose the Participating Outlet will redeem the ($) Dollar gift voucher at the voucher exchange rate informed by the brand and the gift voucher for INR coupon will be redeemed on actual INR gift voucher value at any of the Participating Outlet.

For the purpose of clarity the transactions/ redemption of discounts from gift vouchers from INR to $ and or $ to INR is explained below. For Instance a single transaction billed worth Rs. 10,001/- at the Airport will get the customer a gift voucher of Rs. 1500/-. If the second purchase has been billed in dollars, the issued gift voucher will be read by the system in dollars as per the prevalent store rates. For instance if the dollar rate at that time is Rs. 65/- to a dollar and the next transaction is for $70, then 1500 divided by 65 rounded to the nearest digit, i.e. $23, then after using the voucher for $23 the customer has to pay $47 more. Similarly, if a single transaction for $210 happens at a store, the customer will get a gift voucher in a bill worth $10. While this may be used in any dollar billing store for $10, but in an event the customer wishes to use it at an outlet elsewhere at the airport where bill are generated in INR, basis the extended rate (ex Rs. 65 for a dollar) the voucher will become Rs. 650/-. So in case of next purchase of Rs. 700, the customer needs to pay only Rs. 50/-.

7. The gift voucher is not transferrable but can be clubbed with any other offer at the outlet. The gift voucher is valid for only one time redemption and it cannot be exchanged for cash.

8. The gift voucher shall be issued along with invoice which would be valid for 24 hours only. It is clarified that no claim in this regards beyond the said time period shall be entertained..

9. The gift voucher shall not be redeemable against the same purchase for which it is issued.

10. Notwithstanding any provisions in refund policy available at the participating outlet, any item purchased at any of the participant outlet against which gift voucher has been issued, shall not be permitted to be returned and the purchase cancelled without production of the non-redeemed gift voucher.

11. This campaign is valid only for participating outlets as per mentioned list. The list of the outlets mentioned in the list is not exhaustive and can be modified at any time during the subsistence of the campaign. The customers should reaffirm that the same prior to making any purchase for availing the discounts.

12. Participation in the program is purely the decision of the brand and store.

13. The discount coupons will be offered from the POS itself since the POS will be mapped to offer the slab based discount. In the event during the campaign for any reason whatsoever the POS at the outlet is non-functional then in such a limited scenario the gift voucher will not be issuable to the user.

14. The discount coupons values shall be calculated on the above mentioned slabs. In case there is an ongoing discount by the brand directly at the outlet this discount will be applicable over and above of that.

15. The concessionaire reserves the right to extend, cancel, discontinue, amend, withdraw, terminate or alter the terms of the campaign at any time without any prior notice and without assigning any reason.

16. The campaign is provided by brands at the airport and any claim regarding the warranty of the products sold at the outlet shall be made with the concessionaire directly only.