Curated Gifting Options for Him

06 Nov 2017

Gifting is a beautiful way of expressing your feelings. The times have changed and now it is a well-known fact that men love gifts as much as women. Here are some classy gifting ideas for your charming men.

Anything leather: Leather bags, card holders, shoes or belts are extremely fashionable options for gifting when it comes to men. So gift him his favorite accessory and add to his collection.

Pens: Simple yet elegant, a beautifully designed pen never fails to impress. Get him pen from a world-renowned brand and add a royal touch to his suit.

Protein powder: As weird as it sounds, this is one gift that will leave your man grinning all day if he is a gym rat. From chocolate to cookies n cream, you have a wide range of flavors to choose from.

Denim: It can be a pair of Jeans, Denim shirts or Jackets. Denim has always been a man’s friend, so if you are in doubt then it will surely bail you out.

Electronic Devices: Technological devices ranging from an expensive phone to a simple power bank will surely be useful for your man. Customize the device according to his interest for a cute twist to the gift.

Ties: Ties are for men what shoes are for women. You can never have enough of them. Get a cool tie and combine it with a cufflink or matching hanky for a luxury gift box.

Large food basket: Man or woman, food is food! Handpick his favorite nibbles and add it to a huge basket. The love for you is sure to increase with every bite he takes.

For men it is always difficult to choose a gift that will impress. Take your time and leisurely select the gift from