Must Try Chocolates in Shop Fly Del for the Choco Maniacs

18 Sep 2017

Do you grab a bar of chocolate when you are happy or stressed? Did you forget your loved one’s birthday gift? Are you visiting your aunt and cannot go empty handed? Read on to know the different types of chocolates that are worth drooling over from the shops at Delhi airport,

Dark Almond Delight: If you are a lover for crunchy dark chocolates then this one is a must try. The Dark Almond Delight leaves the bittersweet taste linger in your mouth much after you eat it.

Fennel fusion chocolate: Indian by heart and Indian by taste? Experience the bold flavours and fragrance of fennel seeds infused in dark chocolate to satisfy your Indian taste buds.

Chilli Surprise Chocolate: It's not everyday that opposites meet, but when they do it's nothing less that fantastic. With the milk chocolate giving a buttery smooth effect in your mouth to the sudden burst of fierce chillies , this chocolate is filled with pleasant surprises.

Coffee Crunchettes: The deadly combination of chocolate and coffee is taken to a whole new level with these coffee crunchettes. Overpowered by the addictive aroma of coffee, these tiny drops of heaven are a must have for coffee lovers.

Crunchy French Biscuit bar: Crunchy or creamy? Biscuit or chocolate? The answer is both! Made of deeply divine chocolates coated on crispy biscuits, this bar is one of the tastiest snacks you would have munched on.

Collective Chocolates:Are you one of those people who loves to savour different flavours at the same time? This box of collective chocolates brings the exquisite flavours of varied chocolates in a single platter.

A great mind once said, Chocolate is the food for the soul. It surely is hard to disagree. Start your journey on a sweet note with the array of luscious chocolates available in Shopflydel[email protected] Order now and collect it on the way from the airport.