Herbal beauty Beauty talk- Herbal Beauty Products For the Classy You

18 Sep 2017

Self grooming has become an integral part of our lives and it is important that we spend a substantial amount of time and energy in buying the right grooming products. The market now is flooded with products that promise quick and easy results

People nowadays are attracted more towards herbal products as there are minimal side effects and they are in harmony with nature. Herbal products rightly have special importance in our culture from ancestral times and their results are proven.

So here are some of the herbal products that many men and women vouch for especially while they travel. So pick them up at your New Delhi Airport before your flight

FabIndia’s after bath oils: Who does not like to smell fresh and fragrant the entire day? These after bath oils give a burst of aromatic fragrances that will leave you smelling like spring all day long. These oils are excellent for relieving stress, pain and anxiety too!

Aloevera Cucumber gel: The goodness of coolants like aloe vera and cucumbers is magnificent in a tropical country like India. Sunburns, Dry skin or scars , this gel works like a charm and brings back your smooth silk skin back.

Vitamin e creams : Vitamin e is an antioxidant that promises healthy skin and eyes. Any product that contains vitamin e is sure to make a major impact on your skin and make them rejuvenated and super healthy.

Bhringraj hair vitalizer: From ancient times, hair has played a major role in defining beauty. Bhringraj is a herb that has magic powers when it comes to hair growth and shine. The Bhringraj hair vitalizer is a must try if you like your hair obsessed with your hair care.

Body mists: Mild, subtle and classy, body mists define femininity. Our traditional fragrances of rose, jasmine and sandalwood are ever enchanting and are sure to leave you fresh and fragrant for the whole day.

As Indians, our households have always been filled with herbal mixtures and remedies. Hence our love for herbal cosmetics and products is inevitable. Fly to your favourite destination from the Indira Gandhi airport with the care and love from Indian herbal products! http://shopflydel.in/Women.aspx